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Some selected outreach Testimonies:


It is amazing what the LORD is doing in the City of Leeds through LCM. On Wednesday morning, we prayed at the Team meeting as we were led by the LORD including for a particular Church congregation. Later in the afternoon during the Street Church, one of our Team sat by two young men and woman to witness to them. The young woman eventually disclosed that she stopped going to Church about two years ago and would re-consider believing Christ and would prefer returning to her very former Church if she needs one. Lo and behold, on mentioning her Church's name, that was the Church we prayed for earlier that same morning. What a great God we serve! She left her contact for a follow-up.

On contacting the Leader of the Church in the evening, we were informed that their church also prayed for her the previous week. This is wonderful. Amen, Hallelujah! 


One afternoon, we were at the Briggate Street and rain just began and we had to pack our Gospel Tracts from the already set table lest they get wet. We managed to pull our amplifier for a cover by the side of a shop. One of us kept on speaking to the microphone under the shade while others held umbrellas. As the rain became more intense, two women running passed, but one tripped on the ground. The fallen was helped to her feet and asked if she was alright. She decided to rest for a while, taking cover for the rain. She was witnessed to and she gave reasons for her unbelief. She was witnessed to using the story of Naomi in the Bible. She felt comforted and believed the Gospel. She left her contact for a follow-up. Praise the Lord! These are not coincidences but God ordained.


This was the comment of a middle-aged man who came our way one afternoon in September 2012. He lost his father and brother earlier in the year and saw no need to believe God. He has not committed to any religion in the past anyway. He believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prayed in tears after witnessing to him. He left his contact for a follow-up. God is in the business of seeking and reconciling people to Himself.